OmiseGO October 2019 Roundup

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Team Updates

Blockchain Team

This month, the team kicked off contract audits! Conducting early security reviews, and working closely with auditors, the team works towards cleaning up known issues with contracts, documentation, and integration work.

On the child chain and watcher side, the team is bolstering test suites and refactoring code as needed. They even moved from a development environment to a production environment to ensure improved security and better key management for the authority.

And with all that said, the team spiked the integration so that it’s now feature complete! As of today, teams will focus on improving the stability and resilience of the integration.

Oh, and stay tuned for a new public testnet announcement!

For more details, read Blockchain update #30 and #31

Integration Team

This month, the team continued to implement features for Ethereum and Plasma integration. More backend features also appear on the Admin Panel such as plasma deposit and plasma transfers.

The following features were also added to the eWallet this month:

  • Blockchain transaction monitoring
  • Transaction signing using child keys derived from a HD (hierarchical deterministic) wallet.

Lastly, deposit wallet pooling is now merged and two large pull requests -- blockchain transaction refactor and blockchain settings -- are currently in the review phase.

Potterhat work is on pause since the team is focused on getting the eWallet’s integration out. Once that is complete, we will get back to integrating Potterhat with the eWallet’s staging environment, so that we have a staging eWallet that can talk to Ethereum and can talk reliably.

For more details, read Integration Team updates #34 and #35. More on Potterhat here and here.