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Whether you are a developer, a blockchain expert or decentralized finance enthusiast or just like helping out, you are welcome to help make OMG even better.
If you want to get involved in building the OMG Network, this is the place to be. We have entry points for various themes, and anyone is free to join a group at any time.
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OMG Community Mission

The OMG Community is a self-governed organization dedicated to the growth and promotion of the OMG Network, a public good to help secure and scale decentralized financial services across geographies, asset classes and applications.

The OMG Network project was launched in 2017 by OmiseGO Pte., Ltd. ("OmiseGO") as a fully open source initiative, publicly funded via ICO. Growing from this initiative, the OMG Community has self-organized to advance their common values, interests, and goals. We share a vision with OmiseGO but hope to serve a different and synergistic purpose.

In complement to the efforts of OmiseGO’s dedicated team, the OMG Community is currently on a mission to build more educational resources and opportunities to design, improve and maintain the OMG Network. We seek to create a more robust ecosystem by decreasing reliance on any one entity, safeguarding the integrity of the network against any single point of failure.

The overall mission of the OMG Community shall be to increase adoption of public blockchain financial services and openly distribute the codebase maintenance and general upkeep of the OMG Network among active community contributors.



The core team is mostly the OMG Network engineering team, but also welcomes outside help. If you are a blockchain developer, you'll be able to contribute to the most technical pieces of the OMG Network architecture by writing code, triaging issues, reviewing pull requests and debating development decisions.


The education team makes sure the OMG network is accessible by updating the OMG Network Guide, writing technical documentation and preparing focused documents on trending subjects. If you are new to OMG, you're also welcome to join the #education channel to ask questions about the OMG Network.


In parallel to the education mission, answering the community's questions and concerns is a neverending task that has tremendous importance to welcome fellow OMGers. If you have even a shallow OMG knowledge, it is a great way to start contributing to the community and educate yourself on the way.


If meetups and conferences are more your thing, the OMG Community Slack channel is the best place to start. This group intends to support all sort of events to expand our community to new horizons.


The tokenomy group focuses on making sure the network is healthy by securing the value of the tokens and monitoring its activity. They are also in charge of the different staking challenges.


Creating the necessary tooling for our the OMG Network community to thrive brings its own set of challenges. Seasoned open source contributors can provide very valuable input here.

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